Behind the Scene

Behind this shot  with sweet Evan M. -

Sometimes the best part of a picture is the story behind how it was captured. I'm not referring it’s technicality, but rather how the shot was born. I'm often asked how I was able to pose someone, or in the case of small children, get them to look at the camera. My style of photography is candid and I prefer to let things happen naturally. Kids will play, fight, dance or simply stare into the lens. But sometimes I need a little helping hand.

So, what's really creating  that sweet smile and beautiful sparkle in Evan’s eyes in the last photo? Securely in his swing and with his mother nearby, Evan was busy watching something off to the side, and was not interested in looking my way.  As I lowered my camera I quickly spotted them…. two young teenage girls chatting and giggling at the other end of the swing set. So, I did the only logical thing. I introduced myself and recruited them as my assistants. As the girls came to stand with me, Evan's gaze followed them! The girls chatted with Evan while I clicked away and the result was a series of great shots of this bright-eyed ladies’ man. Did I mention he was only 14 months old at the time? 

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